TANKING SYSTEM - SIKA 1 WATERPROOF SYSTEMS. Our obligation to you is to apply this product at its highest level because we know the difficult damp situations old buildings structures can have. Over the years our operatives have learnt about the structures of buildings and their movements and because of this knowledge we are able to achieve dry environments on all of our projects old and new. Basements with vaults/earth retaining walls or even just below ground level walls can suffer from penetrating damp and even worse cases leaks. The SIKA-1 waterproofing system has been formulated when applied to the structures incorporating four coats fully lapped and ensuring a water tight seal to produce its own membrane within the mortar. This product is being used all over europe and is now in some parts of Africa. SIKA-1 really works where others fail.

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TRIJECT-3 SILICONATE chemical damp course. TRI-JEL chemical damp course.With the use of the most up to date technology in damp coursing we aim to provide our customers Peace of mind with first time applications of TRIJECT-3 when injected under pressure forms a Silicon seal within the bricks and mortar preventing damp from rising. Being a water based product It will saturate structures more easily. This means when the water evaporates it leaves behind a silicon barrier.

Tri-jel is an advanced chemical damp-proofing product which is also waterbased. Its application Rules out the use of pumps necessary for other dpc chemicals such as TRIJECT-3. It follows the track of the damp a bit like water ingress itself. We call this term (infusion) it can be poured or injected manually at a pace the operative controls according to the wall or structures.

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