Wet/dry rot, wood worm etc... can prove to be a difficult task to deal with and that is why we recommend that you use a reputable company that is well established and can provide the right treatment for your property.

What causes Timber decay?

Attack by fungi: Fungi are plants, members of the Vegitable kingdom. They differ however, from all other plants by not possessing the green colouring matter chlorophyll with the aid of which energy from sunlight is absorbed to convert the gas, carbon dioxide, and water to sugar and starch. The fungal hyphae – the minute delicate threads which rot the wood can only be seen after sectioning occurs. This is when the wood becomes light in colour and cracks, either transversely across the grain or longitudinally.

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We specialise in all types of plastering, rendering, pebble dashing, dry lining etc... We also install Insulation boards where necessary and upon our free surveys advise how and when to combat condensation problems in the home. With over fifteen years experience in plastering delivering outstanding results time and time again, city damp proofing believe in 'quality' not 'compromise' and undertake any plastering work from a small job like plastering a through lounge to projects/contracts that could include a newly built estate.

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