We believe the kitchen is the heart of the home and always needs to be installed with care so that is why with over 20 years experience in the trade we are able to offer you peace of mind every time with every installation whether you choose a flat pack or rigid. We are able to design/supply and complete installation at very competitive rates which also adds to peace of mind so why don’t you visit our gallery and testimonials for further investigation into choosing us for your kitchen contract.

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We are a company who base our work not just on price but on a standard. Our commitment to you is quality without compromise. An extension build is no joke, it is an investment so that is why at City Construction we use our expertise all the way from design to build to ensure we make your extension project a success. We pride ourselves on our work but also on our honesty and trustworthiness. Please look on into our gallery & testimonials and find out more about us.

Please look through our gallery & testimonials to find out more about us

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